iPhone 13 notch is 20% smaller in width, but it is also a little taller in height

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One of the few design changes about the iPhone 13 generation is that the display cutout at the top of the screen is now smaller in width, thanks to the fact that Apple redesigned the layout of the TrueDepth camera housing. The speaker now sits above the camera components.

In the presentation today, Apple said the TrueDepth components now fit in a space that is 20% smaller. It is noticeably smaller in width, however if you compare the photos of an iPhone 12 and 13 side by side, you will notice it is actually slightly taller too.

The difference in height is slight, perhaps 1mm taller, but it is noticeable based on Apple’s product images.

The overall appearance of the iPhone 13 will be sleeker as the total notch reduction is visually noticeable.

However, at the same time, it probably won’t have a big impact on everyday use as there isn’t really room for apps to show additional content, nor does the operating system show any additional indicators in the status bar.

iPhone 13 notch overlaid with iPhone 12

It’s smaller simply because it looks nicer aesthetically. And one day, perhaps as soon as 2023, there will be no notch at all.

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