Original HomePod now sold out at online and in Apple Stores nationwide

1 month ago 12

After a period of tight stock, both the white and space gray original HomePod models have now sold out and are unavailable either online or in Apple Stores in the US and Canada.

Following its discontinuation in March 2021, the original HomePod has been officially listed by Apple as available only while stock last. The space gray edition went out of stock quickly, but the white one has remained available until now.

In the US and Canada, the HomePod is still listed on Apple's online store and there remains a "Buy" button. However, both models now show as being out of stock online and unavailable for pickup in any stores.

Overseas, Apple's online stores from Japan, to France and Germany, list the HomePod as "availability reserved," or "subject to availability." However, they have also removed the "Buy" button.

Apple Ireland shows only the HomePod mini, and Apple Italy lists neither HomePod model. At present, the UK appears to be one of the few, or only, online Apple Stores with any stock.

UK listings show the white model as sold outline, but available for in-store pickup. The space gray version has fewer in-store pickup options, but still shows two-day delivery for online orders.

Despite being officially discontinued in March 2021, the HomePod was unexpectedly the subject of a new audio feature when the revised Apple TV 4K was released in May. The HomePod, and specifically not the HomePod mini, can be used in a stereo pair to listen to audio relayed via Apple TV 4K from any connected device.

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